iPad 3.12.17

We have released a new update for the iPad - version 3.12.17. 

This version has many new improvements as well as a few small fixes.


Key Task Information is now displayed in the task overview screen
Improved the ability to do bulk actions, eg bulk download docs and bulk delete optional tasks
Added a new sort for the callsheet - Sort by Planned Date

For a full list of Improvements and Fixes please check the full technical release notes here.

iPad 3.12.15

We have released a new update for the iPad - version 3.12.15. 

This version has improvements as well as a few small fixes.


Added Stickers to the photo screen.


Fixed: system shutdown when opening call sheet from map view after sync

Fixed: Contract Notes section to fit next to extended Notes section on Job Details screen

Fixed: Rescheduling key tasks 1 day after Holiday was rescheduling linked tasks 1 day later than they should

Fixed: Linked Docs not refreshing until leaving and re-entering the task

Fixed: Prompt to update lat/long was still appearing if UpdateLatLong = false

Fixed: Days ahead was displaying incorrectly in some screens

Fixed: Job List filters were not sticking when re-entering Job List screen

iPad 3.12.14

We have released a new update for the iPad - version 3.12.14. 

This version introduces the new Maintenance Module features.

Other Improvements:

Added more image size options when taking photos
Moved 'Contract notes' above 'Other Roles' in the job details screen 

Major Fixes

FixedCalendar will show tasks if the call sheet has been downloaded. Eg senior supervisors now sees all related jobs. 
FixediPad was occasionally crashing when taking or adding photos 

for full technical release notes check here.

iPad 3.12.13

We have released a new update for the iPad - version 3.12.13. 

This is a small patch to fix an issue where tasks couldn't be scheduled between 26/12 and 31/12.

iPad 3.12.12

We have released a new update for the iPad - version 3.12.12. 

This version has some improvements as well as a few small fixes.

This version requires a full rebuild as there have been some structural changes. Please synchronise before upgrading.


Added the supplier status of RFC's in the RFC screen.
We added a distinction between 'Rejected' and 'Alternate Date Proposed' tasks in the popup when opening the Call Sheet.
You can now attach multiple Documents to one email.
Added a refresh Document button which will redownload a document.


Fixed: Time Stamps now apply to photos taken in Inspections.
Fixed: app sometimes crashes when Minimising
Fixed: Supervisors unable to view notes on 'On Hold' contracts.
Fixed: PCI phase 2 inspection questions are now grouped by area.
Fixed: Can now delete photos from inspections after saving.
Fixed: Copying email address of a supplier removes the email to:

iPad 3.12.11

We have released a new update for the iPad - version 3.12.11. This is a small patch version with a few bug fixes.

Fixed - Inspection photo thumbnails are sometimes invisible
Fixed - Photos not downloading in inspections after rebuild
Fixed - App crashes when you rotate tab of inspections
Fixed - App crashes when adding photos to inspections with Max Image Size = 150KB and you are on late gen iPad.
Fixed - iPad rebuild does not bring across older RFC's

iPad version 3.12.10

We have released a new update for the iPad - version 3.12.10. This version features some highly anticipated features for raising requisitions (eg create requisition from Purchase Order Line)

Requisition: Raise Requisition from Purchase Order Line

Requisition: When raising a requisition from a task we can copy the costcode from the Task resource code (requires new business setting CopyTaskCostCode )

Other improvements

Replaced Use and Annotate button popup and made it a single action.
Added sort order to Wizard schedule screen. You can now sort by Task Order, Key Task Grouping, or Estimated Start Date
When opening the Call sheet, if it is not already downloaded a prompt will appear asking if you'd like to download it.
Added Lot Address at the top of the inspections screen
Contract notes box in Job Details tab increased in size.
Rejected RFC's can be raised as a copy without having to fill out the fields again.
Added the option to copy images or documents from Requisititions to RFC's.
Added a setting to make RFC Notes mandatory.

For a full list of Improvements and other bugfixes please visit the full release notes

iPad Version 3.12.9

We have released a new update for the iPad - version 3.12.9. This version features the highly anticipated Request for Credit (RFC) module as well as a few bug fixes.


Request for Credit (RFC) has been added to ClickHome Field Operations! 🎉

Tasks: a new Split option to support the RFC process - Split Return to Site. 

Documents: Documents linked to other tasks are visible from the task schedule 'Linked Docs' tab - to view these you need to check 'View Other Task Documents'.


Bug Fixes

Please visit the full release notes to see bug fixes in iPad version 3.12.9.

This Version has Structural Database Changes, please synchronise your database before Upgrading and do a Full Rebuild after the Upgrade.

iPad 3.12.8


Added a new MMSetting 'HideTrgtDate'. When set to TRUE, the Trgt/Durn column will be hidden on the callsheet.


Fixed: When scheduling a task, the target date was set to the task's date called. This has been fixed, and target date is no longer updated when scheduling a task.

Fixed: When raising a requisition from a rejected requisition, the application would crash if the requisitions details were edited.

iPad Version 3.12.7

We've released a new update for the iPad, version 3.12.7! This release includes a range of minor enhancements and bug fixes. Check them out below!


Tasks: Added task Target and Duration data to the call sheet and task pages. 

When scheduling and rescheduling a task, the 'Linked' page now shows a link icon next to linked tasks. 

Requisitions: You can now raise a new requisition from a rejected requisition, copying the details and updating what you need.

Call Sheet: Added completion bars to the Call Sheet Stage View, showing how complete each stage of the job is. 

Added a blank space to the bottom of the Call Sheet and Documents list, so that the 'Action' button no longer blocks the last items. 

Added an 'Optional Tasks' page to jobs. This page lists all of the optional tasks on the job and includes a delete button to easily delete optional tasks. 

Changed the 'Planned & Waiting' task icon to orange so it stands out more from other task icons. 

Documents: Added a new option to group documents by category in the Job and Task "Documents" Tabs.

Optimised the save process when adding photos to a job. It should now take around half the time it took previously to save photos to a job. 

Notes, Documents: When creating a note, you can now choose to link already existing documents to the note.

Job List: Added a 'Quick Access' menu to the Job List. Tap and hold any house icon to open a menu to quickly navigate to Call Sheet, Calendar, Wizard or PO Matching.

Settings, Photos: Added a new 150KB setting to the image compression settings.

Inspections: Added a prompt asking if you would like to save when closing an inspection. 

Questions on PCI inspections are now sorted in alphabetical order. 

Added a confirmation prompt when selecting 'Choose All' on PCI Inspections. 

Tapping on a question in the inspection 'Review' tab will now take you to the same question in the 'Inspect' tab. 

Documents, Schedule: Added a new sort feature to the schedule screen's Linked Docs tab- you can now sort linked documents by Date, Title or Category. 

Schedule: You can now copy the contact details of a supplier in the task and supplier screens. To copy their details, press and hold the contact you would like to copy, then a 'Copy' option will appear. 

When scheduling a task fails in the contract scheduler, there is now an 'Open Task' option, allowing you to open the task and correct the issue.

Bug Fixes

We smashed a dozen or so bugs! To see them all, check out the full release notes!

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