ClickHome 3.12.7

We've released ClickHome 3.12.7. This release includes a significant optimisation of Tender Package loading in Mobile Leads and other minor enhancements and bug fixes. 


Tenders, Mobile Leads: Significantly optimised Tender Package loading in Mobile Leads - the list of packages should now load within a few seconds.

Tenders: Added the ability to change an active tender's phase set. Changing to a new phase set will expire the current tender and create a copy in the first phase of the new phase set.

Users require op code 12412 (EditTenderPhaseSet) to change a tender's phase set. 

Tenders Cont.: Order of Client and Estimator Review status can be switched using Tender Phase Settings. For more details see inTenderStatusOrder in Setup - Tender Phase Sets and Phases

Adhoc Workflows: Ad-Hoc workflows backend Functionality implemented 

Appointments: Rooms can now be booked against Appointments, similar to the way rooms can be booked against Meeting Tasks. Your Appointments, Meetings and their Rooms can be viewed in the Room Booker.

Estates: Added Latitude and Longitude fields to Estates. 


Head to the release notes to see what's been fixed in ClickHome 3.12.7.