ClickHome UI 130-156

Below is the consolidated list for V130-V156 Check them out below!

New Features! 

Major Features

Manage your Time Sheets

Full Gantt View Scheduling

Project interdependencies

Add & Approve Stop Days for all your workflows

Bulk Assign Roles

Job Overview Dashboard


Hardfile Tracker

Minor Enhancements

Meeting Room: we've added a scroll bar inside the meeting room pop-up.

Issues: Added Issue Status and Issue Category columns in the Contract Issue screen. 

Resources: Added a new resources pop-up modal

Info Panel: We've rearranged the Info Panel and added the brand.

Notes: we've added visual indicators to Notes showing whether it's visible in MyHome or JobFile.

Split Tasks: Added ability to add split tasks from the Task kebab menu.

Linked Tasks: Added linked tasks to the Schedule screen for Key Tasks.

Deleted Tasks: We've added the ability to restore deleted tasks.

Kebab Menu: We've grouped all items and moved the top "New" Menu into the Contract Kebab Menu to Add/Create, so it now shows in all screens as opposed to only some task screens.


[FIXED] Info Panel: Weeks in Progress in the Info Panel is now calculated from the Schedule Start Date.

[FIXED] Inspections: fixed bug where incorrect inspection status was showing.

[FIXED] Messaging: Message screen now loads correctly.

[FIXED] Notes: Resolved issue where Note tab flexfields were not displaying correctly. 

Note date is the date of activity, not the date the note was created.

[FIXED] Documents: Resolved issue where inactive documents were still showing.

[FIXED] Meeting Appointments: resolved issue where meeting appointments were not visible in Construction Jobs. 

[FIXED] Delivery Text: resolved issue where Delivery Text was not showing for Construction Tasks.

[FIXED] Flexfields: changed the order of showing flexfields on contract by contract level flexfields first. The only editable fields are are the contract flexfields and not contract template flexfields which are read-only. 

[FIXED] Requisitions: Resolved issue where reason field in requisitions was not displaying the correct value.

[FIXED] Contract Actions: Resolved issue so Contract Status Reason is now recorded.

[FIXED] Contract Edit: Updating Address Details did not Update Full Lot Address.