iPad Version 3.12.6

We've released a minor update for the iPad, version 3.12.6. This release fixes a number of issues, including a bug where the app would crash when uploading multiple photos at once. 

Bug Fixes

[FIXED] Photos: Resolved an issue where the application would crash when uploading more than a few (3-5) photos at a time. 

[FIXED] Home Screen: Renamed 'Sync List' on the Home Page to 'Sync'. 

[FIXED] Home Screen: Corrected the values used in the 'Action Per Day' bar chart in the Home Screen. They now accurately reflect the number of actions taken by the user per day. 

[FIXED] Requisition: Added the 'Task' and 'Cost Code' columns to the Requisition list, and corrected the size of the 'Rejected' status icon for Requisitions.

[FIXED] Documents: Corrected the 'Total Docs' value shown when viewing a task. This value shows the number of documents linked to the task. 

[FIXED] Schedule: Fixed an issue where the application would crash when clicking the 'Edit' button next to a linked task in the Linked screen. 

[FIXED] Settings, Database: Fixed an issue where the user would be unable to Export Logfile in the settings.