UI 233-246

UI 246 is a minor version which will be released tomorrow as part of the Stable Release process, if you are subscribed to the Stable Release Process your system will automatically update to version 246.

Feature - Default Contract Roles Administration - this allows you to configure standard roles against jobs based on specific criteria (Business unit, Region, Template, Brand etc) (requires

Improvement - Contract Status icons are now displayed in the Global search results for easy identification. 

Improvement - Performance improvement in Document Info Panel Load (requires

Improvement - The Task List can be sorted by task name when you do grouping.

Improvement - Added Family and Organisation to Client Screens as well as Country

Improvement - Variation Details are now visible in Info Panel

Fixed Flexfield Auto Complete in dropdowns would sometimes pick wrong answer.

Fixed - Quick Nav (right click menu) would not be visible on bottom row of job search.

Fixed - Breadcrumb navigation to Notes when coming from detailed search not always working

Fixed - Exporting of large number of records would sometimes crash the export

Fixed - Incorrect Variation Report was shown

UI 238
Fixed - Custom Options does not show option name

UI 237 

Improvement Added advanced search to contract level lists (Tasks/Issues/Notes etc) 

Fixed - Contract Completion percentage takes total task duration into account

Fixed - Flex Fields with Dropdowns would sometimes blank out when editing previously saved flex fields. 

Fixed - Removed Move to Estimator button from Tenders Screen

Fixed - Filters checking for all types not always working  

UI 233

Improvement- Full Tenders Functionality will be released (compatible with 3.12.8 backend)

Improvement The Side Navigation bar has been improved for quick and easy navigation - more info here. 

Improvement Show date and time in a meeting task

Improvement Stop day reasons now have their own dropdowns to choose from (requires reasonstp configuration)

Fixed - Team Planner moving task around did not use task duration.

Fixed - FlexFields will uphold the flexfield field size limit when entering data.

Fixed - Note dropdowns are now applied per business unit